Inclusive procurement is for everyone.


Inclusive procurement is a long-standing UK policy objective.

Successive governments have recognised that formal procurement processes tend to exclude smaller enterprises and marginalised suppliers and have called for more inclusive supply chains.

This agenda is even more important following COVID-19 as we all seek to support hard-hit businesses and communities, and build back a more resilient and innovative  economy.

We have a research-led Inclusive Procurement Programme that organisations use to embed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion into procurement processes. 

Inclusive Procurement Programme

“The effective exclusion of many diverse suppliers from supply chains impedes regional productivity by undermining local socio-economic growth, wasting scarce SME organisational resources, and inhibiting innovation and competitiveness in supply chains."

The Centre For Tendering - Productivity Insights Network (2020)

“Using the Inclusive Procurement Programme has enabled us to really think about where actually we want to be on the Inclusive Procurement spectrum and ultimately where we are moving to..."

Head of Procurement and Contract Management, Regional Emergency Services Institution

We define it as ‘procurement that actively seeks out small, local and diverse suppliers and supports their learning, lowers barriers to supply caused by procurement processes and both innovates and creates social value through a diverse supply chain’.

Inclusive Procurement can:

  • Enable supply chain innovation by enabling organisations to buy new or customised goods and services
  • Support diversity, overcome bias and create social value by trading with small firms in the private and third sectors
  • Build Community Wealth (People and Place) by re-investing in local communities
  • Overcome unfairness that tends to arise from formal procurement by:
  • Making tendering more accessible and more of a positive learning experience for small enterprises
  • Opening up business above and below tendering thresholds to BAME groups, women, people living with disabilities or veterans whose businesses are often very small or young and unknown or overlooked by buyers and procurers 


How much business do you award to Diverse Suppliers?

Reporting on supplier diversity by reporting on spend is an important step because we know that what is measured matters.

However, data reporting does not in itself increase the capability of diverse suppliers to trade with you and nor does it change organisational procurer behaviour.

Our Inclusive Procurement Programme enables you to realise Community Wealth-Building through your procurement processes.

Use our Inclusive Procurement Programme to:

  • Understand barriers to Inclusive Procurement 
  • Develop a more practical understanding of Social Value
  •  Raise commitment to Inclusive Procurement and Social Value creation
  •  Self-assess everyday team processes against our Inclusive Procurer Framework
  •  Set a Dashboard of Priorities
  • Develop an achievable Action Plan to Become a More Inclusive Procurer
  •  Follow-up and review progress

Missing out on suppliers?

Being an Inclusive Procurer is a cornerstone of good organisational Equality, Diversity and Inclusion practice.

Learn from our Inclusive Procurement Programme to start making a difference today.