Learn tendering with us.


How do you learn tendering as a business process?

In our experience, most firms can do much better at how they use tendering processes to pitch their expertise to large procurers.

Tendering is a specialist sales capability, and one we can teach you to use using our CLEVER TENDERING Business Innovation Model.

 CLEVER TENDERING is our research-informed business process education programme that teaches business teams how to win and scale public sector sales.

Our Clever Tendering Model

CLEVER TENDERING is a deep-dive, critical evaluation of your firm’s current tendering capability with a specialist instructional coaching element to upgrade your knowledge, skills and business processes.

It consists of 4 key areas for evaluation:

Tendering Programmes

We recognise that every company is at a different place of experience, from getting started to going from “good” to “great”. That’s why we offer companies different levels of support and knowledge.

To be honest, we customise our services to exactly what you need, but have a look at our most popular services.

recommended for those brand new to tendering...

recommended for growing companies going from good to great...

One Day Directors Workshop

Want to understand tendering and get in on the action, fast? Our interactive 1-day session fills you in on all aspects of tender fulfilment, with plenty of time to get your questions answered - live.

Tendering Capability Review

How can you elevate your tendering to the next level? Our review offers you a deep-dive, critical evaluation of your current tendering capability with specialist instructional coaching elements to build up in key areas.