Research and Tools

REACH is designed for Strategic Heads of Procurement who drive inclusive procurement strategies to give small and marginalised businesses a fair chance to compete in local supply chains.



REACH is a team coaching process that supports procurement teams to develop the culture and practical actions needed to become more Inclusive Procurers. Our experienced REACH Coaches facilitate teams to set aside time and use this productively to learn, reflect, plan, act and review so they progress together as an Inclusive Procurement team.



REACH has been developed from years of academic research and practical experience and has been trialled, with great feedback, in a pilot programme. Over a relatively short period of coaching, REACH enables procurement teams to:



  1. Understand barriers to Inclusive Procurement and to develop a more practical understanding of Social Value
  1. Raise commitment to Inclusive Procurement and Social Value creation
  1. Self-assess everyday team processes against our Inclusive Procurer Framework
  1. Set a Dashboard of Priorities

  2. Develop an achievable Action Plan to Become a More Inclusive Procurer
  1. Follow-up and review progress

Why Coaching?

Experience tells us that procurement teams require approachable and skilled facilitation to develop the commitment, culture and practices of Inclusive Procurement. Team coaching is a productive way of developing a whole team together and unleashing a practical change process that fits with the organisational context and has whole-team buy-in.



The key REACH output is the team’s Inclusive Procurement Action Plan. The key REACH outcome is a team more committed to Inclusive Procurement and capable of being more Inclusive Procurers.

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Practical Details of The REACH Inclusive Procurement Coaching Programme

REACH is delivered by your experienced Coach who builds a relationship with your team and enables them to work with Centre for Tendering Inclusive Procurement Tools.



 Introductory Workshop 



REACH begins with a workshop that raises team awareness of the importance of small firms to innovative supply chains and local communities. Your Coach presents evidence about the barriers faced by small businesses and the particular exclusions faced by marginalised groups. Facilitated discussion enables teams to relate this to their own context and to debate the agenda. This raises knowledge about the problem and team commitment to becoming more Inclusive Procurers.



Six Group Sessions, culminating in an Action Plan presentation:



– Self-Assessment – REACH then works with the procurement team to self-assess their everyday practices against the Centre for Tendering’s Inclusive Procurement Framework. This approach enables teams to understand the kinds of practical actions that create Inclusive Procurement and to self-diagnose how well they are doing in relation to key indicators.



– Setting Intentions and Developing an Action Plan – REACH enables your team to decide on practical next steps by deciding how far they want to progress on each of six Ambition Statement and by developing an associated practical Action Plan.



Recommended Follow-Up

– Reviewing and Ongoing Planning – as becoming an Inclusive Procurer is an ongoing journey, your REACH Coach will ask to return after about six month to facilitate a team review of progress to date and intention setting and planning.



Procurement teams may decide to go further in their Inclusive Procurement journeys by working with buyers across their business or partners involved in supporting small firms or marginalised groups. Your REACH Coach will be delighted to facilitate your team to extend and deepen the reach of your Inclusive Procurement. Indeed, our philosophy that Inclusive Procurement depends on supporting both procurers and small firms – an ecosystem approach – and so we welcome innovative commissions.

Our Key Deliverables

Inclusive Procurement Open and Closing Workshops and 6 Development Sessions

Supported Self-Assessment Against our Inclusive Procurement Framework

Supported Development of A Dashboard of Priorities and Action Plan

Our pilot programme indicates that the language and content of the Inclusive Procurement Framework and Ambition Statements are highly relatable for procurement teams. This is vital because it means that teams value the work we do together, become commitment to Inclusive Procurement and buy-in to developing and delivering their Action Plan.