Book a Competitive Tendering Capability and Recharge Review

How can you elevate your tendering to the next level? Let’s explore together ways to build or refresh a set of competitive sales and tendering routines. 

Centre for Tendering programme offers you a deep-dive, critical evaluation of your current tendering capability with specialist instructional coaching elements to build or upgrade your knowledge, skills and business processes. 

Our approach is tried and tested, built on latest research and transfers in-depth practical knowledge of funding and bidding rounds that will accelerate competitiveness. It will be challenging, immersive and intensely practical. 

Programme Facilitator, Dr Paula Turner, is no ordinary ‘consultant’. A management educator, she has a PhD in small firms’ public sector sales capability. She applies original thinking and her own research-informed business innovation tools to use with ambitious growing businesses.

A programme of support will 

  • Create healthy and sustainable organisational systems and processes in key areas, e.g., question and answer fulfilment, reputational display, social/ethical value delivery
  • Build wider key staff capacity to more productively ‘do business’ through competitive tendering 
  • Create additional assets necessary to prepare your business for future tendering challenges
  • Use scenarios to assess how the direction of public sector tendering will affect future business requirements.  

What is in the Capability Review?

The outcome from this is: 

  • A Plan on a Page: A Company Tendering Strategy (delivery priorities, regions and targeted contracts/funding streams) 
  • A centralised, approved tendering resource bank (policies, delivery performance data, contract exemplars, past tenders) with an action plan for ongoing contribution 
  • Increased internal capacity to win work, via learning key processes and skills.

A Competitive Tendering Capability and Recharge Review comprises two inter-locking components: 

Evaluation of Existing Practice and Identification of Management Challenges: We get to work with you straight away to complete an independent and confidential co-evaluation of your tendering knowledge assets to build compliance and innovation. A strengths-based diagnostic acts as a company health-check to analyse your company tendering experiences and examine your current tendering practices using the proprietary 4Cs of Centre for Tendering’s Clever Tendering model. 

The method of investigation is a desk-top analysis of supplied completed tenders plus interpretive insights from key staff interviews. Whilst good practice exists and will be highlighted, report findings and recommendations will spot likely shortcomings of tendering practice, for discussion with the senior management team. This will generate a Board Report with a Dashboard of Priorities

Implementation of a Business Curriculum for Tendering Capability: From your report and gap analysis, we’ll help you to achieve appropriate improvement goals based upon the Clever Tendering diagnostic capability model. You nominate who needs to be involved and we use a group coaching model that will focus on issue-led productivity coaching.  Typically, this will be live stream sessions based on specific themes in need of attention, e.g., upgrading your tendering resource bank, building Social Value into tender responses.